Compare Short Term Car Insurance

Whichever kind of insurance policy you are looking to take out, from home insurance to travel insurance, the most effective way to find the best deal is to compare policies from a number of providers. As one of only a handful of companies who specialise in short term car insurance, know just what our customers are looking for when they want to organise temporary motor insurance. We have a good idea of the questions that you should be asking yourself when you are comparing policies from different providers – including Day Insure and Temp Cover.

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See below for the questions you should keep in mind when choosing between and one of our competitors.

Do they Offer a Best Price Guarantee?

Unlike some other one week car insurance providers, we offer a best price guarantee to our customers. This means that you can feel confident that you will be receiving the very best value for money when arranging one day insurance or temporary van insurance with

Best price guarantee - click here for more details - you contact Insure Daily or another of our competitors within 24 hours and find an identical policy for a more affordable price, then we will match this better deal. There are a few criteria to qualify for this guarantee, but if the policy is on a like for like basis, offers a minimum of two days cover and the price you received was not a special offer or promotion, then we should be able to lower your own premium to match the one offered elsewhere.

Do they Offer Instant Cover?

When you want to arrange temporary motor insurance or one month car insurance, we understand that you will probably require cover quickly. This is why we are pleased to offer instant cover to our customers which can be arranged in four simple steps. Purchase a policy online and you will be covered immediately, meaning you will never have to wait too long to set out on your journey.

Click for Short Term Car Insurance Quote can offer all of this and more to customers who are looking for temporary insurance for a car or van. To see for yourself just how reasonable our insurance policies are, why not get a quote today?