One Month Car Insurance from Insure 4 a Day

Car insurance can be expensive, which is why it can pay to find a more cost-effective way to insure your vehicle. If you are looking for an alternative to annual cover which will enable you to drive a vehicle for the duration of a month, then we could provide the solution that you need. It doesn’t matter why you need to insure a car or van – whatever your requirements, can provide the cover that you need with our one month car insurance.

A wide variety of people have arranged 1 month car insurance with us for a range of different reasons. See below for a few ideas of when our temporary car insurance could prove useful.

  • If you are welcoming visitors to your home and want to give them the opportunity to drive your vehicle, then one month car insurance can enable friends or family members to get behind the wheel during their stay. This will help to save on public transport costs, and will be much more convenient for your guests.
  • If your own insurance policy imposes restrictions, our monthly car insurance could allow up to two temporary drivers to use your vehicle for up to a month. This is ideal if you are sharing your car with a family member whilst they are without transport, for example.
  • For motorists who use their car infrequently, arranging car insurance by the month could be a more cost-effective alternative to taking out an annual policy. If you are away from home a lot or you only use your car when you have time off work, then this could be the perfect insurance policy for you.

Monthly car insurance is just one of the policy options that we can provide. If this offers more cover than you require, why not consider taking out one week car insurance for a holiday, or even one day insurance to cover you on a single day? Cars and vans alike can be covered by our policies, as our car and temporary van insurance is designed to offer the cover you need, whatever you are driving.