The All New Offices of Sky Insurance

Previously, Sky Insurance ran their business from two separate locations, one in Enfield Town and the other in Darkes Lane, Potters Bar.

The Enfield office concentrated mainly on the Personal & Commercial Lines type of insurances – motor, commercial business and household insurance, while the Potters Bar office dealt with exclusive short-term insurance schemes only available through the Internet.

As our business has expanded and staff numbers increased, it was clear that a larger office was urgently needed. From a business perspective, the merge of the two offices benefits both the business and our customers, who often will require more than one type of insurance cover – and with Sky Insurance’s offer of multi-policy discounts, everyone is benefiting from the new set-up.

Sky Insurance now has dedicated teams to cover a range of insurance risks, from modified cars to self-drive hire insurance, from commercial business insurance to custom built motorcycle insurance. If there is something you need insurance cover for – we will most likely be able to help.

Within the short-term insurance schemes division, there are online products for Learner Drivers and temporary cover for cars and vans from 1 – 28 days.

Our new offices also include two dedicated staff training rooms, which helps Sky Insurance to continue the roll out of our insurance and customer service training programme.

Hopefully our customers will continue to reap the rewards from our move in both terms of finding our staff very experienced, professional and well trained, whilst also finding that we can look after most of your insurance needs under one large roof.

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