Temporary Car Insurance for Summer

When the sun comes out, Brits have learnt to make the most of it by getting out and about as soon as possible, because lets face it, it just isn’t guaranteed to last.

So what happens when an unexpected hot summer’s day calls for a spontaneous day out or a UK getaway? Here are our top tips to ensure that a last minute trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Even though it’s spontaneous, you can still be prepared

Have a pre-packed bag so you can simply run out the door, whether it’s a beach mat, bucket and spade or sleeping bags cookers and tins of food – be prepared.

Create a bucket list

When the sun strikes it can be hard to think of ideas to entertain the family in such a rush. On a rainy day create a list of places and things you would all like to do. Whether you keep it on a pin board in the kitchen or just on a bit of paper, make sure it is easy to find, ready for you to choose your day out.

A map can do wonders

When it comes to driving off the beaten track (on purpose) you don’t want a Sat-Nav repeatedly telling you to do a U-turn. A map can be a great alternative if you are going to simply hop in the car and drive where the wind takes you.

Gismo up

Believe it or not a flask, pop-up table and some torches can be quite exciting purchases. Next time you are in a homeware shop, look out for little gems that you can keep in the back of the car that are going to help make a spontaneous day out that little bit easier.

Know your resources

Whether it’s where to get your car serviced, how to book a hotel online in minutes or a travel app to check your route before you head off, it’s important to have a list of trusted resources to help you set off.

Insure4aday is a leading provider of Temporary Car Insurance, whether you are borrowing someone else’s car or just want the freedom of being able to share the driving, you can get covered in minutes. Get a quote for Temporary Car Insurance now.

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