Driving to the Airport: A Stress Free Solution?

Airport parking often carries a negative stigma that it’s expensive and therefore often gets pushed aside for taxi’s or public transport. However, not only are the prices surprisingly low, there are many other benefits to it.

  1. Control

Ever find yourself at the airport insisting that you’re the one that must carry all the passports and important documents because you simply don’t want to trust someone else with the responsibility? This sense of control can also occur when you are trying to get to the airport. What if you are on a train that just refuses to move or a cab driver that doesn’t know their way around the back roads to avoid the traffic. If you are driving you can take action to avoid traffic (hopefully), move when you want and know that you’re not going to be late.

  1. Relaying on people can add to stress

Ever had the stressful feeling when booked on an early morning flight? You have to be up at 3am, you’ve now got to try and get the kids up and ready and trying to remember all the luggage, documents etc. Then you have the (what feels like forever) wait for the cab driver. Is he going to come? You and your family are anxiously waiting on the pavement outside your house and you’re already a nervous wreck…. Great start!

  1. Young children and car seats

The cab driver finally arrives. However you’ve just remembered you need car seats for the kids but forgot to ask. Enough said – you just want to go back inside your home and forget the holiday – this is just too stressful!

4.      You can easily go home if you forget something

Imagine if you’re on the train and suddenly remember you have forgotten ‘fluffy’, your one year old’s favourite cuddly toy. The one that always calms him down during an hour-long cry; fluffy is your ultimate saviour to get some peace and quiet. But you’ve forgotten it and you’re on the Gatwick Express! Any parent will understand this is just a nightmare.

  1. Avoid literally getting dropped off at the airport

You arrive at drop offs and it’s hectic; there’s a queue and you have a matter of minutes to get out of the car – you might as well have practiced a synchronised stunt man roll out of the car for you and your family.

  1. You land after a blissful holiday and your taxi isn’t there

Once I went on holiday with a group of friends, our flight time changed and for some reason, my friend’s mum wasn’t there. All I remember was it was 5am in the morning, the sun was coming up, it was freezing and we all had our ‘holiday clothes’ on. We had to wait outside so that her mum could quickly pull up and we could jump in. One hour later and with sheer desperation to keep warm we rummaged through our suitcases to find something warm, our towels were still wet and everything else was next to nothing – it was just horrific and has taught me a lesson worth learning when it comes to relying on others.

  1. Price

We carried out a little research on how much airports are charging and were pleasantly surprised with the rates. We input the same dates and times for each airport, checking in at 3pm and then a week later checking out at 8pm. For a family of four who are booking 2 weeks in advance for a week’s standard parking in March you should expect to pay….

Luton – £58.49

Manchester – £53.99

Gatwick – £53.00

Heathrow – £84.70

Birmingham – £32.99

Bournemouth – £49.99

We also found that the earlier you book the more you save. If you are holidaying in August this year and book now, you will expect your rate to be significantly less than the above so get booking!

If your vehicle is not quite suitable for transporting you and your loved ones to the airport, borrow a friend’s and get a quote for a short term car insurance policy. You may just be surprised with the rates of that too!

On the other hand, if you have friends or relatives that haven’t chosen to drive to the airport and you wish to take advantage of their car that will be sitting on the driveway, get a quote for some temporary insurance!

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