Temporary Additional Driver Insurance for Nervous Drivers

Some drivers may have held a licence and been on the road for years, but are not comfortable with all aspects of driving. Some may dread roundabouts, whereas others may refuse to get on the motorway, but almost every driver has their insecurities.

Some nervous drivers may create a route before a journey in order to avoid the aspect of driving that they dread. But what if the route doesn’t go to plan and there is simply no choice but to face your fears?

Temporary additional driver insurance can allow you to simply switch over driving with the passenger whenever you like. It can be purchased before as a precaution or cover can be taken out on the move, providing you have internet connection on your phone.

So even though it is important to overcome your fears, there will be times when you simply need to get to your destination – stress free. Temporary additional driver insurance can give you the reassurance that as a nervous driver there is room to accomplish what you can when it comes to coming out of your comfort zone, but if you’ve had enough, you can switch drivers.

Additional driver insurance is also great for long journeys, so if a driver has a short attention span or finds driving a stressful experience, then it is possible to give them a break and still reach the destination in good time.

Tips for nervous drivers:

  • Plan your route beforehand to avoid what you feel uncomfortable with.
  • Sit back and think what aspects you feel uncomfortable with and why, switch your way of thinking and think of the logics of what you have to do in the situation. For example it may be that you have an issue with, changing lanes on a motorway. Think of the rules, how do you change lanes? Thinking of it logically in a step-by-step process will allow you to step away from the emotional fear you have and work to resolve the issues you have.
  • Try and face your fears when you are in a good frame of mind and are accompanied by someone supportive that you trust.

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