Short Term Car Insurance & the MID

After the recent scrapping of tax discs, we are soon to see the abolishment of the counterpart driving licence too. Originally scheduled for January but delayed due to software problems, the change is now set to happen 8th June 2015. Now that everything is checked digitally, there really is no getting away with not having insurance, an MOT or tax.

Our short term car insurance policy allows drivers to select the amount of time they wish to be covered. However, we do understand that time goes extremely fast, people have busy lifestyles and things get forgotten. We urge our customers to print out their documents and to be aware of the exact time that their insurance runs out.

There is also the fact that temporary car insurance can take 1-5 days to register with the Motor Insurance Database (MID) as it is often out of date by several days. The database can be accessed instantly by number plate recognition technology. However, if you have bought short term car insurance for a car that is not insured on an annual policy, the MID may not have picked up your insurance yet. This may result in being pulled over by police, so it is essential that you have your documents on you.

Due to the flexibility of choosing the exact time that you want short term car insurance, this allows you to make your own decisions regarding time frames and how long you need cover for. If this is underestimated, it is possible to simply top up your cover online using a smart phone and legally hop back on the road. So there really are no excuses! Be cautious and remember that we as humans can rarely beat computers, so keep your policy documents on you at all times.

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