Pisces: What’s Your Car Horoscope?

Astrological Personality: Perceptive, Emotional & Receptive

Dates: 20th February-20th March

Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Colour: Grey

As a Piscean you are notorious for being highly sensitive, and this bestows a dreamy, mystical and artistic quality.

The quietest of the Zodiac signs, Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, while they are also easy-going – in keeping with the mutable quality given to this sign. However, this introversion does not lead them to be selfish, and their goal in life is to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Your Perfect Car: Audi A1 Hatchback

As a Piscean you’re not interested in anything ostentatious, instead preferring something small and perfectly formed.

The Audi A1 offers all of the qualities of an Audi – the first-class German-engineered engine, the interior comforts – but in a small car, creating what is arguably the best supermini around. Choose from a 1.2 or a 1.4 petrol engine, or a 1.6 or 2.0 diesel engine – all of which perform admirably while not letting you down in terms of economy either.

Price: £13,917-£24,900

So if you’re a Piscean looking to insure an Audi A1, or any other of the twelve star signs that we have explored in the Car Horoscope series, click here to receive a quote within minutes or check out our FAQs page.

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