Ohio Driver Survives Sinkhole Collapse

When Pamela Knox set out in her car on an everyday journey to work, the last thing she expected was for the Earth to open up in front of her and swallow her whole! But that’s exactly what happened in Toledo Ohio, where the sudden appearance of sinkholes is an unfortunate fact of life.

Sinkholes occur as a result of a number of causes, both natural and man-made, when the bedrock is eroded over time and unstable cavities are formed underground. Depending on the type of rock that lies beneath the surface this erosion can take place for thousands of years without ever being noticeable, but if a large enough hole is created then the land above may not be able to sustain its own weight.

When the top layer is no longer sufficiently supported it can take the slightest trigger to cause a collapse, such as the additional weight of a family car and a single unsuspecting passenger. Rescuers arrived quickly at the scene of the sinkhole in Ohio, where 60 year old Pamela Knox was unhurt and able to climb a ladder to safety.

Incredible stories like this one can really put potholes into perspective, although these continue to be a major concern for UK motorists. Potholes cause millions of pounds worth of damage and insurance claims each year, and with the combination of increasing restrictions to council funding and harsher winter conditions they are becoming more and more familiar on our roads.

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