New Statistics Show Increase in Uninsured Drivers

Just as new car insurance laws are about to come into place to stop insurance companies offering quotes determined by gender, new police statistics have been published showing that an astonishing 22,000 drivers have been caught driving without insurance in the past 6 months.

New statistics from both the police and insurance companies have shown a sharp increase in number of uninsured drivers on the roads. One insurance company has reported findings that the number of drivers sharing cars illegally has grown by 14% over the last year which has bumped the figure up to 1 in 20.

These findings show that 6% of drivers, which is over 2 million, have admitted to driving a vehicle without insurance and a staggering 44% of those asked stated that they would lend their vehicle to a close friend or family member in the full knowledge that they were not insured to drive it.

It seems that the majority of the reported cases came about as a result of a misunderstanding of the insurance policy but there are an alarming number of people that said they simply didn’t care.

Here at Insure 4 a Day we are extremely worried about the number of drivers that are lending their cars to friends and family for short periods of time without a valid insurance policy in place. We specialise in short term car insurance to cover drivers in situations such as this and urge drivers to read their policy and certificate of insurance carefully before lending their vehicle to others.

Do not ‘risk it’ by not taking out short term insurance in the hopes that nothing will happen or that you won’t get caught; uninsured drivers are estimated to cost us approximately £2 billion a year!

There are new measures set to come into place in an attempt to stop uninsured drivers refuelling; the cameras at fuel stations will register a vehicle’s number plate and cross check it with the insurance and road tax database. If an uninsured vehicle is flagged up, the refuelling station will not allow the driver to fill up their vehicle.

If you’re borrowing a car from a friend or family member, it’s essential that you check you are fully insured to drive the vehicle or take out short term cover. Why not visit us at Insure 4 a Day to get a quote for your short term policy?

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