LEO: What’s Your Car Horoscope?

Astrological Personality: warm, creative and passionate

Dates: 23 July – 22 Aug
Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Colour: Gold

You’re bold, confident and self-assured without feeling the need to be over the top about it.

Leos have a lot to give in both social and professional situations and your fundamental self-belief allows you to charm everyone around you, even if you have a tendency to dominate sometimes.

With a creative flair and a generous nature, you’re never short of ideas for the next fun activity to enjoy with your friends.

You were born in the height of summer, so you’re drawn to the limelight and love nothing more than travelling the world and basking in the glow of others’ admiration.

Your Perfect Car: Jaguar F Type

Every sun worshipper should own a convertible, and the understated class of the Jaguar F Type is the perfect choice for you Leos. With the amount of muscle that lurks under the bonnet you can be sure that you will turn a lot of heads as you pass by in one of these beautiful creatures.

Prices start from a cool £58,520 so the F Type is not exactly a low budget option.

Affordable Version:

If the price tag on the Jag puts it firmly on your lottery wish list, then you could always consider the BMW 318 in the meantime.

As the king of the jungle you expect to be able to travel in style, which is why the comfort and all round performance of the BMW 318 should appeal to your regal sensibilities. This is a car that puts you in control of the drive and allows you to feel the power beneath your fingertips, so it’s the perfect choice for a commanding Leo.

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