Insure4aDay – Answering our Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Insure4aDay, we believe that short-term car insurance shouldn’t be complicated.

Insure4aDay provides a solution to various scenarios where you may need cover for a vehicle for a short period of time. The best part of our product is that it can be purchased online and you can be covered instantly.

In order to streamline the process even more, we’ve decided to clear up a few of the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a policy with us.

insure4aday faqs

Can I amend or cancel my policy once I’ve purchased?

Once payment has been authorised for your policy, you cannot make any changes to that policy. If you want an extra days cover, you will have to purchase another policy for that.

You can cancel the policy at any time by calling our office during opening times or by submitting a support ticket. Due to the policy being only for a short-term, we are unable to offer refunds.

Do you provide insurance for residents outside of the UK?

We can only provide insurance cover for UK, EEA or EU citizens as stated in our acceptance criteria. We also only provide cover for those that have been an official resident of the UK for at least 12 months – this means we can’t cover all drivers who are visiting the UK from overseas. Please refer to our acceptance criteria for more details on this.

Do you provide insurance to retrieve an impounded vehicle?

To release your vehicle you will need a special impounded car or van insurance policy that is valid for 30 days to adhere to the legal requirements. We can provide cover for a 30 day third party only policy to collect an impounded car – visit our quote page to begin the process.

Can I get temporary insurance if I’m under 21?

With the exception of learner driver policies, we only provide short term cover for drivers between the ages of 21 and 75. We clearly outline this in our acceptance criteria.

Does my vehicle appear on the MID immediately after purchase?

After the purchase of the insurance, vehicle insurance details are submitted to Insurers the next working day.

This information is then passed to the Motor Insurer’s Database and can take up to seven days to appear. Policies taken out for less than 7 days may have expired by the time the MID have updated their record systems; to combat this, you should print a copy of your insurance documents just in case.

insure4aday faqs

Do you provide cover for learner drivers?

You can get a quote for learner driver insurance for any period between 1 – 28 days for cars valued at less than £25000. We can only cover drivers aged 17 – 30 holding a Provisional UK licence who have been resident in the UK for the past 12 months.

What is your claims process?

Our Insurers are proud to offer a fast, professional and totally efficient claims handling service that meets the needs of our policyholders. For more information or if you need to report an incident, please click here.

What is excess protection insurance cover?

Excess protection insurance when purchased, allows you to claim back your policy excess on your Insure4aDay insurance policy in the result of an accident when you have no other means of recovering your excess.

This is only effective when the cost of claim is more than your excess amount.

It doesn’t cover your claims where the total cost is less than your excess amount.

For more on excess protection insurance cover, click here.

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