How Realistic Are The New Lane Hogging Laws?

In recent news we’ve all been hearing about the new measures to be taken by police to combat careless driving. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced some form of careless driving on the roads and we know how frustrating and even dangerous it can be.

It’s no wonder then that there was an almost audible cheer of delight when we heard that the police would be issuing penalties to drivers hogging the middle lane and driving too closely behind other vehicles. There’s no denying that it would be fantastic to eliminate all bad driving from our roads but the problem of how the police are going to do it remains.

Are the Rules Clear Enough?

One of the most obvious problems with tackling careless driving is implementing clear cut, easily enforced rules. Lane hogging is the perfect example of this as we all have different opinions about when you should move out of the middle lane and into the inside lane.

A person could be considered to be lane hogging, may believe that others are lane hopping by moving in and out of the middle lane too often. The problem that the police face is defining when a driver should be considered to be driving carelessly and whether the driver should then be issued with a penalty.

While these rules could do a lot of good for the safety of our roads, at present there seems to be no suggestions of how they can be implemented and fully enforced.

Never Drive Without Insurance

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