8 Strange Driving Laws from Around the World

As summer fast approaches you may be considering renting a car during your holiday or even setting off from the UK in your own trusted car to another country. However, there are some funny laws out there, so check them out before heading off. Here’s our pick of the strangest driving laws from around the world…

1. Cyprus: No eating or drinking

Eating or drinking anything whilst driving is illegal in Cyprus. You will be faced with an €85 fine if you are even caught taken a sip of water on a sweltering afternoon.

2. France: Drivers must carry a breathalyser

A law which was recently introduced in 2012 states that drivers are legally required to carry a personal breathalyser in their vehicle at all times. You can pick one up online before heading off if you are taking your own car over to France. If you are hiring a vehicle check there is one in the glove box before you set off.

3. Russia: Don’t drive a dirty car

Driving a dirty car in Russia is illegal; you will be faced with a fine if your car is found to be insufficiently clean, with the car colour and number plates unclear.

4. Sweden: Must use your headlights 24 hours a day

Drivers are required to keep their headlights on even on a hot summer’s day. So when in Sweden there is no need to alert drivers that there headlights are on, just turn yours on too!

5. Alabama: Don’t drive blindfolded

We don’t know how this law came about; was there once an influx of drivers driving around blindfolded? So, there you have it, don’t drive in Alabama with a blindfold, it’s illegal. Our tip would be to also abide by this law when driving in any country, at any time, if you don’t do so already.

6. Costa Rica: You can have a beer whilst driving – just don’t get drunk

You are legally allowed to consume and alcoholic beverage behind the wheel in Costa Rica. However if you exceed the drink driving limit you will have to face the consequences. If you ask us this is risky business and it might be a better option to stick to a soft drink when you’re driving.

7. Germany: Don’t Run Out of Gas on Germany’s Autobahn

It is illegal to pull over and stop on Germany’s Autobahn, even if you run out of fuel. Running out of fuel is considered a factor that is in control of the driver and will therefore not be taken into consideration as a valid excuse for stopping.

8. Spain: You must carry an extra pair of glasses when driving

Those who need vision correcting glasses to drive must keep a spare pair in the car at all times; don’t ask! Maybe Spanish people have a tendency to lose things easily? This one is a hard law to get caught breaking but always good to know when driving in Spain.

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