8 Reasons to be Thankful for Daily Car Insurance

We think it’s about time that Daily Car Insurance and its benefits are celebrated. No matter how organised you may be, it’s good to know that it’s there, patiently waiting online for you to grab last minute whenever you may need it. So here are just some of the reasons to be thankful for Daily Car Insurance…

1. It saves you the hassle and cost of hiring a car

Even if you don’t have a car, it’s almost certain that they’ll be some occasions where you will find you just need one. You may be a Londoner taking that much needed countryside adventure or require a car to chaperone the kids. Or you may not have the most reliable car and need to drive a little further than you think your car can take. Instead of having to hire a car you can borrow somebody else’s and take out daily insurance cover

2. It allows you to be spontaneous

If you’re a student that wants to go home for the weekend, you can, or if you want to book a weekend away, you can. All you need is a driving licence, and a kind friend or family member who is willing to lend you their car.

3. It allows you to get what you need to get done

There may be days where you have a million things to get done but you don’t have access to a car. You may need to borrow a larger vehicle to ferry the kids round or even a van to squeeze everything in.

4. It’s flexible, you can pick it up and drop it whenever you like

Daily Car Insurance can be bought last minute on the day for use in ten minutes, or a week before if you’re a bit more organised. Then during the 24 hours you’re covered, you may find you need more, so just simply pop online and top-up for the next day.

5. It’s a unique policy, therefore it does not harm the car owners no claims bonus

If you aren’t the most confident driver you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything was to happen whilst your driving, your daily car insurance policy would pay out. This means that the car owner’s insurance is not touched and they can be rest assured that it’s covered.

6. You can add additional drivers – making your long journeys safer and stress free

Long journeys with children can be stressful and the majority of the time when you arrive at the destination, you are too tired to do anything. Daily car insurance allows you to insure an additional driver for just a day, so you can switch over who’s driving and who’s napping!

7. You can get cover even if the vehicle has no insurance

Providing the vehicle is not declared as SORN, you can get daily insurance for a vehicle that doesn’t yet have an annual policy. This may be because you are picking up a shiny new car and you don’t have time to arrange an annual policy. However, this insurance does not cover cars which have been seized in a compound.

8. Whatever your reason is,  you’re covered

Each day we cover individuals that purchase daily car insurance for a whole host of reasons. Whether you need to get somewhere or just simply want to break free, we think that daily car insurance is something to be pretty thankful for!

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