ARIES: What’s Your Car Horoscope?

Astrological Personality: Fiery & Energetic

Dates: 21st of March – 19th April

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

You’re a fiery person with a passion for life. There’s no shortage of energy when you’re around and you’re the person that gets everyone else going.

While others dilly-dally you are the person that gets the ball rolling. You’re courageous, determined and you absolutely love a challenge!

Your Perfect Car: A Brand New Red ‘LaFerrari’

There won’t be a dull, old banger sitting on your drive. The perfect car for an Aries is a fast, bold car with as much gusto as possible. You’re constantly pioneering new ideas so a brand new car that simply oozes new technology is the one for you.

You need something that can keep you on your toes that never fails to get your heart pumping.

Be warned: you might love a challenge and an adrenaline rush but you’ll need to be careful in a car like this!

Affordable Version: Nissan 370 X

A brand new Ferrari is probably out of your price range so the Nissan 370 X (in red of course!) is a more affordable ‘version’.

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