5 Things we learned at the 2014 North American International Auto Show

So that’s it for another year. The 2014 North American International Auto Show was chock-full of the usual dose of hyperbole and brand-speak, but what did we actually find out from Detroit?

There are no major stylistic changes.

One thing that stood out for us at NAIAS was that there was nothing staggeringly new about any of the cars we saw. Take the new Porsche 911 Targa:

Does it look nice? Well sure, it’s a Porsche, but then it is hardly breaking new ground. The most interesting looking car aesthetically was the Mercedes Benz Concept S Class Coupe, with bold lines and a sleek design that Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, described as a ‘reimagining of the entire concept of what our brand and products can be’ – though it had actually been premiered at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year.

A musical introduction for a car at a press event is always a bit awkward…

It’s not unusual for a car manufacturer to employ a celebrity ambassador for functions such as these, but having Kelly Rowland perform to a room full of motoring journalists as an introduction for the Mercedes Benz C Class just felt a bit odd and out of place.

… as is a middle-aged man performing a downwards first pump.

Listen, we know you’re excited about the new Corvette – as are we, it looks very nice – but don’t do that. What if your children are watching?

“Muuum… Dad’s trying to reclaim his youth again.”

We’ve been saying it wrong.

Now we’re not sure whether it’s just the Americans butchering the French language, but we always thought that Coupé was pronounced Coo-pay. Like ‘toupee’. Well apparently we were wrong, as everyone at NAIAS 2014 was saying Coupe like ‘coop’.

No wonder all our motoring friends kept looking at us like idiots…

The Mini’s getting sporty.

The humble Mini has come a long way since The Italian Job, but this latest model is like nothing we’ve seen before from the brand. Complete with a rear spoiler and large front grilles, this John Cooper Works concept unveiled in Detroit could certainly not be accused of being a ‘girl’s car’. We’re excited to see where the brand goes from here off the back of this.

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