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Our customers at Insure4aDay use our short-term insurance products for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, you won’t always need to use us – but it’s always handy to have us bookmarked for when you do need us!

Reason 1: In case of emergencies

The number one reason to bookmark Insure4aDay is just in case you need it. Whatever situation arises where you need short-term car or van insurance, you’ll be able to go to Insure4aDay to help.


Reason 2: Long distance trips

There might be several points of the year where you’ll have to venture onto a long-distance road trip. Not many people are into driving for long periods of time, but with Insure4aDay, you can share the driving. Add an extra driver to your car and half the amount of driving!

Reason 3: Extra boot space

Boot space just not cutting it for an errand? Get cover on a larger car or van for however long you need it with Insure4aDay!

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Reason 4: Helping a learner driver out!

It’s likely you’ll know someone who’s learning to drive at some point, whether that’s a family friend, son, daughter, niece or nephew. Insure4aDay can actually cover learners too! If you meet the supervising criteria (and you’re feeling brave), you can even let them take you for a spin!

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Reason 5: Impound insurance

Your car being impounded is something you can’t predict happening. But if it does, Insure4aDay has a specialised impound policy which meets all the legal requirements to release a vehicle from an impound.

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Have we convinced you to save us for a rainy day? Add us to your online bookmarks and use us when you need it! We’ll be here.

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