1 in 3 motorists speed on ALL kinds of road

A recent study conducted by Insure Daily has found the extent to which British motorists are willing to break the speed limit.

Unsurprisingly, it is on dual carriageways and motorways where drivers are more likely to speed, with a mere 17% of us claiming to never speed on them. In fact, almost one in three of us (29%) are willing to drive 100mph and more on these roads.

As the speed limits decrease, the amount of people willing to speed and by how much decreases also, however the number of drivers who always stick to the speed limit is in the minority for all roads apart from those where vulnerable road users are present (20mph roads, school zones).

Only 30% claim to never speed on 40, 50 and 60mph roads, while 26% of drivers will drive at 60mph and over on 40mph roads.

The numbers drop significantly when it comes to 30mph, with only 15% of motorists willing to speed by 20mph or more, however, almost half (43%) drives up to 10mph over the speed limit – an amount that still adds 43 feet to a total stopping distance.

It is this increase in stopping distance which is the primary consequence when it comes to speeding, and even the difference between 20mph and 30mph is 35 feet. Despite this, 27% of survey respondents still admitted to driving up to 10mph over the limit in 20mph zones, including those roads that are outside of schools.

Although the speed at which you drive may seem safe, the fact remains that by speeding you are giving yourself less time to react to other peoples’ mistakes or lack of attention to their surroundings, and this could be the difference between life and death or, at the very least, an increase in your insurance premiums!


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