Am I Covered to Drive Other Cars?

Sometimes you may find that you need to drive a car other than the one that you are insured for. Perhaps you're going away for a family holiday and you want to share the driving or you want to try out a new vehicle on an unaccompanied test drive.

The question of whether or not you are covered to drive that vehicle is one motorists frequently ask however, although some insurers provide a driving over cars extension to a policy that allows the policyholder to drive someone else's vehicle, this will be on a third-party basis only. This means that should the car be damaged or stolen the insurer will not pay out, potentially leaving you - or the owner of the car - with a hefty repair bill.

This is where Insure 4 a Day come in.

From as little as £4.66 per day we can provide you with a comprehensive insurance policy to cover you for the period of time you need, for any situation, allowing you to drive another car safe in the knowledge that you're covered in the event of an accident.

Additionally there is no extension pertaining to driving other vans on a typical car insurance policy, however again this is something we can help with, thanks to our comprehensive temporary van insurance.

To find out more about the comprehensive short term car and van insurance we provide here at Insure 4 a Day check out our FAQs page or click here to retrieve a free quote within minutes.

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