About the policy

Impounded Car and Van Insurance

The insure 4 a day impounded vehicle policy is designed for owners who require immediate, short-term insurance cover in order to be able to secure the release of an impounded car or van, and to provide cover for a period of 30 days for third party only benefits to their vehicle which does not exceed £40000 in value, as well as their legal obligations or third party claims.

This product is not designed to provide cover if you intend to export a vehicle out of the UK.

We only deal with one insurance company for this product and are therefore unable to make a fair analysis of the market. You must therefore decide for yourself whether or not the policy is suitable for your needs.

You must not proceed with the purchase of short-term impounded vehicle insurance cover if you cannot agree to any of the statements contained in the acceptance criteria. If any information given is incorrect or incomplete it may invalidate your insurance or result in claims being rejected or reduced. In the event of there being a claim, Insurers will exchange information with other Insurers through various databases.

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